Sunday 2 August 2020

Thief of time...

Hoi there!

What happened to time? Covid stole it... for sure! Well dear followers I do hope you're all okay and healthy. Here things are reasonably well, after the lockdown imposed on us all we are now back to a less strict set of rules but infection rate is going up again! While loads of peole in the hobby enjoyed a lot of extra hobby time and got things done, both my wife and I myself had to work from home and being a teacher this meant it cost me more time than others. Aside from that I  am still working on two huge commissions that take most of my hobbytime.

The two main events I would like to talk about here are the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and it's successor the Quarantaine Challenge. If you fancy a look at what I have painted during both of these you can go see my entries through the links below:


Anyone who did take a look will have seen that I have painted up a lot of Star Wars Legion figures, pretty much all of the Quarantaine Challenge entries were full of them. They are all part of a commission that's now luckily done, it was great fun but it took longer than expected.

At this moment in time, I am painting  two big sets from Warlord Games, the La Haye Sainte battleset and the Stalingrad collectors edition box for the owner of our FLGS. More  information on these will follow soonish.

As a complete aside: quite accidentally I discovered that I am mentioned in a list of "blogs of interest" the excellent Kronoskav website whom I use as reference for all things 7YW, have put me up on their site here.