Monday 28 March 2011

Napoleonics galore!


Some time ago I was staring at some of my Napoleonic artillery bases and couldn't loose a certain feeling of un-ease. I have always based my artillery (arty for short) on circular bases and they just didn't get the feel right. I love the arty bases done by the Perry's and Front Rank but couldn't get why mine didn't look like that. And then it hit me: they are on rectangular bases. So here are the results of my trials with a rectangular base. Some Revell RFA with both a six pounder and a howitzer. The guns was left off the base so that I can switch between guns but also use the gun with the limber when mounted for transport.


Side view 

Front view

another side view

With six pounder

Some casualty markers made using esci and airfix figures

Cheers Sander,

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Sunday 27 March 2011


You can fill in the rest of the sentence in the title, and if you can't you'll probably not be impressed by this next post ;-)

I recently dug up some of my old ESCI US troops for the war in Vietnam. Most of those I gave to a friend who's playing a 20mm Nam campaign but I kept a few for myself and here they are.

Cheers Sander

Listening to "Tour of Duty 4" a cd released while the TV series "Tour of Duty still ran on the tube. Loads of old school music.