Saturday 6 December 2014

And we're off!


Yesterday, on December 5th, the 5th Analogue Painting Challenge has started. Since this date coincides with a Dutch holiday called Saint Nick's Eve (our equivalent of Boxing Day) I've had near to no time to do any kind of update.

Today I can finally post some progress on the matter of the challenge and it's preparations. In an earlier post I have stated some of the figures I intend to paint for the challenge, but have yet to base and add many others to the list. As of this year posts of the painted submissions are to be shown on the special Challenge blog and only then on the owner's blog. For a link to this blog see the banner on the left of my page. Regarding this I will post pictures of the unpainted mini/ units along with pictures of the painted miniatures whenever I can. Seeing that I still owe you guys some of those pictures, here are the first shots of my preparations.

This Freebooter miniature I am going to paint up for Curt as my entrance fee, if this doesn't depict a pair of anti-heroes I'm a wossname for sure!

Next up the stuff I have provided with bases and in many cases also base-coated already.

Some "closer-ups" show the 1:72 plastics I am going to paint for the challenge offered to me by mister Rosbiff to see who's the first one to paint 200pts worth of Plastics. The second picture also includes some metal West Wind Star Wars minis and some Rall Partha Classic Battletech miniatures. Some 28mm white metals are prepared and ready as well and will probably be my starting point.

Here you can see my preparations for one of my bonus-round entries.

There you have it: my kick-off! Since we're going to be busy this weekend with all kinds of "real-life" stuff painting will be limited. You know I really have no idea how this will work out but just the preparations are great fun!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "the best of John Foggerty"