Tuesday 29 November 2022

Necron Invasion!



The Necrons shown here were part of my Indomitus Boxed set, while I had fully inetended to keep them myself and use them in games with Arthur, I found myself thinking they would be far better suited to be donated to the gaming club were more people can enjoy using them so I made a donation of them to our founder and chairperson Martijn who has now put them up at the club!


I really liked painting the simple yet clean and cool scheme of white, green, silver and gold.  Hope you like them too.

Cheers Sander

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Landspeeder action!



The last of the SW Legion commission work is this brilliant little landspeeder model. I had such great fun painting it, from coming up with a scheme right up to doing the rust and other weathering effects on it. 




This is just such a nice little model that if I were to get one for myself I would probably paint it like this yet again.

Cheers Sander

Tuesday 1 November 2022

"You Rebel Scum!"


As promised more SW Legion today! These figures are the box of Rebel Veteran Troopers, all done up in hot weather gear complete with Harry Potter scarves, just for fun.


 What I like about these Rebels is the combination of military gear and sci-fi civi-clothes, you can do just about anything you like with them colourwise.

Cheers Sander



Thursday 20 October 2022

More Star Wars Legion


Let me show you more figures from the SW Legion commission. Roel, the client, asked me to paint his Taun Tauns up desert style, as I had to paint all his stuff and this surely made for a nice challenge. The colours of the uniforms resemble a hot climate better and so do the basis. Since Roel is a big Harry Potter fan, I painted up one of the scarves as a Ravenclaw one.

 These miniatures were a joy to paint with loads of different textures and great details. Next time more Star Wars miniatures!

Cheers Sander






Thursday 6 October 2022

Still around!

 Hoi there,

Even though it has been some time since my last post I am still around and painting some miniatures. Just lately I have finished off a huge Star Wars Legion commission and I would like to show you some of the figures I did for that job. First up are some Mandalorians and Death Troopers 

The Mando's:

Death Troopers with Character

The terrain is made up of two 3D printed Tatooine buildings and my usual desert boards. 

See you next time!

Monday 20 June 2022

Challenge Memories Part 6



By now you will have realised that I didn't overstate it when I said "Blood Bowl Craze" since here's more Blood Bowl stuff for you today! 

First up are a Rat Ogre I have painted for Mark and a referee I did for myself.



The above was my last regular Challenge post, apart from two special ones (which I will show you later in more detail) and the "wrap up post".

See you soon!

Cheers Sander

Monday 13 June 2022

More Blood Bowl and the 600th post!


As you might have guessed from the title of this post, this is not a Challenge Entry rehash but a rather new and original post, featuring new photo's of figures not shown elsewhere earlier. 

As our Blood Bowl craze set off earlier this year, Roel asked me to paint up his Ogre team. He had a few wishes for me to adhere to, he wanted the team in purple (yeah I know) and covered in lots of tattoos. So I set to work and the pictures below show the results of my labours.

While I am not particularly fond of the "Ogre Kingdoms" background GW did for the last version of WFB, these did turn out rather well I think. One of the Ogres got left out of these pictures since I haven't finished painting him yet and I might actually show him to you later on.

Apart  from the above, this post also happens to be the 600th post for this blog, which is rather an accomplishment I gather! So I am off to have a toast to myself now,

Cheers Sander


Monday 6 June 2022

Challenge Memories Part 5


More Cybertronians today with some of my favourite Autobots as well as one of my Challenge favourites the Ankh, Gods of Egypt game figures.

As the Galaxy Quadrant had a planet "Cybertron" I just had to paint some more autobots and here they are:



Martijn asked me to paint the miniatures of the Ankh game by CMON games and these are brilliant. They took me forevere due to the huge amount of details and outlandish colourschemes, but they were a true painters dream to do!


See you next week! 

Cheers Sander





Monday 30 May 2022

Challenge Memories Part 4



This week we bring you more Blood Bowl madness and some old school Heroquest figures. Let's start with the Blood Bowl entry, this is the Snotling team I have painted for Martijn. He chose them for the looks and sillyness they cause on the field, rather than for playability. We played one game and he immediately decided he disliked the pumpwagons and wanted to exchange them for two trolls. 


The Heroquest entry this week contains some of my Chaos Warriors. They have been basecoated for ages and I never got round to painting them. This resulted in having to proxy them in most games both here at home as well as at school.   


Let's see what next brings us right?!

Cheers Sander

Monday 23 May 2022

Challenge Memories Part 3


 Another batch of Challenge posts up for you guys right now! Let's start with some 40k goodies. While the new gameplay is humongously complicated with all the special rules, abilities, stratagems, objectives and whatnot, the miniatures and background are still only second to CBT. So here is my re-paint of some old favourites: Gaunt's Ghosts. Not the ghastly new models, no I still swear by the old metal ones. Gaunt himself is missing because I am rather afraid of messing him up...


The second post for today is more Blood Bowl stuff. Some years ago (it must have been 2018 or 2019) I bought Mark a Skaven team, which he then misplaced. When we re-discovered Blood Bowl and started playing in seriousness, he bought a second team and...predictably found his original team. Since his eyesight doesn't allow him to paint anymore, I painted up the first 12 of his rats for him as well as an old white metal star player for myself. Enjoy!


Cheers Sander

Monday 16 May 2022

Challenge Memories Part 2



More Challenge posts for you to peruse! The first post for today is one in which Battletech features heavily. I have always loved this game and it is still gowing from strength to strenght with all the new stuff Catalyst Game Lab is churning out these days. As I also like the old 80's Cartoons I grew up on a lot, I jumped at the chance to paint some Transformers looking mechs ;-)


Next up is another Blood Bowl team, this is an old skool Ork team I painted up for my co-worker Menno who wanted them done in fresh and clean colours so: ERE WE GO! ERE WE GO!


Both these entries were listed in the CHallenge subsegment called the Galaxy Quadrant and while I had intended to go to all locations, a house renovation that went along earlier than planned threw a spanner in the works and I had to cease painting for 2,5 weeks!

Oh well, more to come next week!

Monday 9 May 2022

Challenge Memories Part 1!



Today we start our tour down Challenge Memory Lane with links to my first two posts for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Season 12.

First up is my starting post of a great pair of miniatures by Wargames Illustrated: the Christmas Truce 1914 soccer match. I really wanted these figures for a long time and got a chance to buy them at the last Crisis convention from the WI booth directly. Here's the result!



The next  link will sent you off to the figures from the core box of the game Mansions of Madness. This is a Cthullu miniature game Roel asked me to paint for him, the quality of the figures is awful but the game seems to be rather nice. 


That's all for today some more links will be up in a week!

Cheers Sander

Monday 2 May 2022

A Year in review...5 months late!


What can I say? Life has been...trying to say the least. I have not been idle on the hobby front but rather idle on the Blog front. I still find it hard to find the motivation to upload pictures to the blog and write these posts as I can use the very same time to paint figures too! 

2021 has come and gone in the blink of an eye and I totally forgot to do a review. I will try to rectify that here right now as it is long overdue. That said I also need to say some stuff regarding the last AHPC. Arthur and myself participated again this year and I even managed to win the Challengers Choice for this Challenge. While I am mighty proud about this, I am even more proud of the Lad who has discovered the joy of painting for it's own sake, rather then get painted miniatures on the table to be able to game with them. Over the coming weeks/ months I will publish links to posts of the last Challenge here for those who have missed my entries in the Challenge under the header of: "Challenge Memories", combined with some all new posts.

So okay let's go ahead with the year's review shall we?

Well let's see what I did in numbers this last year!


 Ancients: 2

Napoleonics: 60

WW2: 2 vehicles and 92 figures

Other Historical figures: 40 figures

Dark Ages: 0

Indian Mutiny:0

Pulp Games:0

Harry Potter Games:2

GI JOE: 3 vehicles and 10 figures

General Fantasy: 53 figures

Terrain: 8 large pieces

Heroquest: 11


Great War: 0

Colonial Period:0

 Seven Years War: 24 figures


22 mechs


Crimean War: 0

ACW: 105

Star Wars Legion

0 vehicles 

21 figures

Warhammer 40K:

1 vehicle

25 figures

Project Laarden 1702:

4 figures

This makes for 460 painted miniatures and 3 vehicles as well as 8 terrain pieces of rather large scale. That's 2021 settled I guess.

So what has 2022 brought us so far? There's a great gaming group in town which I have more or less joined. More or less, since the nice people over there mainly play board and card games (not really my cup of tea to be honest) but a fair amount of figure games as well. The management has seen fit to dedicate their gamespace to miniature games each first Friday of the month and we'll start this Friday. On top of that I have started a Blood Bowl craze in that group and it's mighty fun! So I have been painting BB teams as an idiot, I have painted an Ork team for Menno, a Snotling team for FLGS owner and Club leader Martijn, a Skaven team for my buddy Mark, an Ogre team for Roel and now another Snotling team for Linda... In between I have also finally finished my own Darf team and gotten many new teams I still have to paint.

Here are some pictures of the highligts of last year and in the future I will post some more stuff as stated above.

 Menno's Ork Team

 Some of the mechs I have painted for CBT

 Mansions of Madness figures I have painted for Roel:

The incredibly cool Ankh Game figures I have painted for Martijn:

The 2 Laarden 1702 vignettes on which more info will follow soonish!

Cheers Sander