Friday 26 July 2013

More Flashman


As promised a while ago today's update brings you the Native American girl which should accompany Harry Flashman on his American adventures. As I said earlier she does not resemble the one on the book cover at all so I had a free rein in the paintscheme.

The pair of figures put together. Perhaps you can now see that the girl seems to be made in a slightly smaller scale then Harry.

The facial detail of the girl is awful, from behind she looks like a young girl while up front she's more of an old crone. Even my wife said so...

Finally here's the cover from which they were derived, just for your reference.

Cheers Sander

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Tuesday 23 July 2013

She's a witch! (boobie alert!)


Some time ago I bought a bunch of miniatures from Avatars of War, some dwarf and goblin characters and the Dark Elf Sorceress seen below. I've had her standing on the workbench for quite some time because I couldn't decide on what skin-tone to give her. Now right after painting the Barsoom figures it came to me: the Dejah Toris figure had some in-satisfactory skin colour so I decided to try to get a better one and here it is. She will double as a Barsoomian witch if necessary.

Cheers Sander

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Sunday 21 July 2013

Flash Harry


Just a quick post. As a reaction to my Flashman topic Mister Rosbif asked where these figures can be obtained. They were originally done by Chiltern Miniatures but they do not exist any more. The Flashman range has been sold to SHQ miniatures and you can find them through this link

Now I am not entirely pleased with the mini's. I have finished the Native American girl that comes together with the Flashman I posted earlier and they both seem to be in a slightly different scale. Also the level of detail on the girl is far less crisp and most important she does not resemble the book cover at all. I will comment on this further when I am able to post pictures of the completed pair.

Hope this satisfies the people wanting to get their own Flashy miniatures (pun intended).

Cheers Sander

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