Saturday 15 October 2011

Enter the BIG guys


Believe it or not, but our son permitted me some painting time last weekend. I managed to finish some of HäT's 28 mm French Voltigeurs. Mini's I started with on the day of Arthur's birth. The pictures are a bit overexposed so the real miniatures are a tat darker.

I am not really into 28mm historics, heck if the GW (or other sci-fi/ fantasy ) mini's where in smaller scale I'd take them rather then the bigger ones, but these where really nice to paint.

Hope you like them!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: the Baby-monitor...

May the Brick be with you...


Since a newborn child is a huge drain on hobby time, I do not have any hobby related update to show you today but I have permitted myself an addition for one of my many other addictions: Star Wars Lego. As it happens I have been a SW-fan since first seeing the Original Trilogy way back as a kid. Back then the SW action figures were too pricey for my allowance or for my parents pocketbook so I never got any. When I got my own income the stuff had risen to collectors status and the prices went along accordingly. Therefore the release of the Star Wars Lego series was the absolute fun solution. I simply love Lego (but am not an AFOL as such) and the way they done up the SW minifigures is just about a dream come true. At this moment I have an healthy, or rather unhealthy, collection of OT series sets. Last week, overcome with the impressions  of being a father, I ordered a Scouttrooper key-chain, the new Characters Guide and an Advent Calendar. I am now trying to keep the latter closed till the first of December, will I manage this or will I succumb earlier?

Anyway Cheers Sander

Sunday 9 October 2011



You might have noticed that I have been out for a while. Well that's due to the fact that Saturday the first of October our Son Arthur was born.

Mother and son are doing fine! Dad's a little frayed along the edges for sleep deprivation and worry, but I guess that's normal!

Cheers Sander