Tuesday 12 February 2013

Vorwärts Husaren!


Sometimes it's great to have some time AND inspiration to finish a project! Yesterday I found time, energy and inspiration to finally finish the last mounted regiment for my 7YW Austrian army. This regiment would be a hussar regiment. Why? Well very simple, a long time ago I obtained quite a large amount of Revell 7YW Prussian Hussars. These chaps are very nicely done and since I had heaps lying around anyway, I decided to paint them as Austrians. Okay there's more reasons for this decision then I'm actually telling now: I also have decided that, while I will probably end up doing a Prussian army in the end, it will be last in the list first up are a British- and then a Hanoverian army. Lastly these were already painted, badly I must add, by me years ago. Therefore it was about time to give them a decent paintjob and list them amongst the active units instead of waiting in some dusty box in the cupboard.

For the colour-scheme I chose a blue one form the excellent Kronoskaf website, they depict the Szechényi Hussars.Don't ask me how to pronounce this!

Here are the pictures

Frontal view:

Close up:

Back view:

Side view:

Close up:

Now I know I've said these chaps are the last mounted regiment for my Austrian Army yet, as often is: this is not a very hard resolution of mine. I will probably cave in and paint a new one if and when opportunity presents itself but for now I only have two more Austrian foot regiments to paint before my planned units are done...

Cheers Sander

Listening to:  "Wasting Light" by the Foo Fighters