Friday 26 September 2008

Great War Artillery Part I

During the Weekend I was able to prep some of the new HäT testshots I mentioned a while ago. The subjects involved are Late War Artillery sets for the USA and France. Both include a 75mm gun and caisson but my testshots only included one for the Americans. Funnily enough I will use my gun for the French as I will paint the American set up as Commonwealth troops and give them metal British guns.

here are the sets as I got them and after cleaning up.

The French set:

The American set (including the gun and caisson in a phase of semi-completion).

The top row of each photo shows the limber riders and train drivers. Each artillery set will include the appropriate riders and drivers but a separate set of limber and horse teams will be released later to save space and money. Top notch thinking from the guys and galls at HäT!

The bottom two rows are made up of the gun crews themselves as you can see. I am assured that the "nice" yellow colour of the French figures is only on the testshot sprue.

Here you can see the riders and drivers impaled and ready to receive the usual black basecoat:

More will follow soon!