Friday 10 March 2017

Past the 1000 mark!


Today not one but two post went live on the Challenge page taking me past the 1000 points mark. Initially I have listed for 1500 points, but halfway through I was seriously doubting I would ever reach even the 1000 points, but thanks to 56 little Prussians I now finally did. You know I do think I might try to get those 1500 as well, all or nothing!

Here are links to the posts, and if you haven't voted in the Side Duel then do so now or be a rectangular thing!

Cheers Sander

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Knowing is half the Battle!


As if you haven't voted for me enough, today the most exiting post on the Challenge blog for me went up: my 80's Pulp side duel with Iannick is on.

You can check it out:

If you're watching it in a webversion you can vote for either Iannicks Bad-Guys: 

  or my Good-Guys:

 Iannick is a brilliant gentleman and Millsy has been a real help in arranging all this! So go on put in your vote!