Thursday 4 September 2014

Scooby Dooby DOOOH!


As always Jan-Willem is full of new and exciting ideas for demo- and participation games. On September 20th he will be hosting a participation game on the DUCOSIM fair in Amersfoort. Since it's an Post Apoc battle based loosely on a Curt Russel movie in which he is called after a reptile and needs to escape a certain city, I thought I'd join the fun.
Now anybody who knows my gaming habits will tell you I like to play using my own mini's. First off I like to see the mini's I've put a lot of time in get into action and second during a game anything can happen while handling other peoples stuff and I wouldn't want to be the one to break someone's work of love now do I? So here is part II of the Hasslefree Mini's series. I ordered both versions of their Mystery Machine Gang ;-) and here are the male members of the Post Apoc version of said gang.

The ladies and the Mystery Machine itself will follow soon rest assured. Problem is: Jan Willem wants the teams used in the game to have 6 members...

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday 31 August 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures


Because we all suffer from the Miniature Butterfly Effect now and again I have bought some Hasslefree Miniatures over the recent weeks. In two separate orders I received some very nice miniatures of which more will be revealed in due time.

For today's post it will suffice to say that the first order was rather delayed and the nice people over at HF mini's included a free miniature in the form of Rennie.

While I would never have chosen this figure myself, I decided to paint it up as a tester to get a feeling for this particular fine way of sculpting. Studying the mini before deciding the colour scheme it appeared to me this could just be a female version of our old little pall Asterix... so hence this paintjob.

The base is from Micro Art and I am still in dubio as to whether I will add flock or not.

Cheers Guys,

Listening to: "Re-Machined" by various artisis