Wednesday 24 November 2010

Some advertising!


Ages ago I bought a couple of Reaper carrier cases for transporting my armies. They have served me dutifully for the last 7 years but some time ago the foam trays they came with started to show signs of ageing. Glue came un-glued, compartments got loose from the tray-base, all in all time to be replaced.

At the Crisis of 2008 I obtained some trays from which replaced my most damaged old ones. These trays were designed to take single figures based on regular GW single 20mm figure bases, be it round or square. Then this year most of the other old ones died on me and I needed more replacement. this time suited for my system of 4 troops put together on a 40mm x 40mm base. So I perused the KR website and thought I'd found the right size and ordered 8 trays from them on-line to be picked up at this year's Crisis. When I arrived to pick them up at the KR stall, Daryl from KR presented me with an humongous cardboard box containing my order. While I had taken o good look at the size of the compartments I had forgotten to check the size of the trays themselves!

Heavily doubting whether their excellent large trays would fit my Reaperbags, I stood and tried to work out what to do. Daryl came to the rescue by selling me just one big tray to check whether it'd fit the bag and if so I'd always be able to order more. So that is what I did, I checked when at home and I needed half size trays for the bags. I mailed Daryl the specifications and low and behold I could get 6 trays with dice and a new ruler (I don't NEED any of the latter persé but you gamers know how it goes: we're like magpies when in proximity to nice shiny dice) for a very reasonable price!

The picture below shows 4 of the trays, the ruler and dice. Two trays are made ready for use, 4 more I need to still work on. 

The material is first rate and far sturdier then any other stuff I know. Daryl and Co. can also make you trays after your own specifications but if you check their site you'll find more different sorts of trays then you can think up yourself. Also if you play FoW they offer trays for that game as well.

So a very big thank you to Daryl and the guys at KR!

Cheers Sander!

Listening to: "Beyond Hell, above Heaven" by Volbeat