Tuesday 29 March 2016

Looking back at the 6th AHPC!


Over at the AHPC blog, the last posts of this years Challenge as far as us Challengers goes, are online. Mine is here if you're interested.
This weekend Curt will announce this years winners and that's a wrap for this year. I am really sad about this because it's a great voyage through our unpainted lead and plastic piles and getting to know a load of other painters.

Now I am sorry but I am going to blow my own trumpet for a bit here since: I ended in 10th place... Not really sure how I managed but I did. While I know my painting is by no means exemplary or special like Anne's or Sidney's or anyone else of the great people over at the AHPC (I could list literally dozens way better then me!) I enjoyed being part of a community who didn't care about that. Comments were always fair and constructive. It is really enriching to be part of this group of talented and kind people.

For me not being a native-English speaker is sometimes hard, since I have a bit of dark- and sarcastic humour which often doesn't translate well from Dutch into English.
So if I have, unwittingly, caused offense: I do apologize, this is never my intention.

Again a great big THANK YOU, to Curt, Lady Sarah, The Minions and all Challengers for a great 3 months.

See you next time if you will have me ;-)