Saturday 26 September 2015

28mm Napoleonic British Infantry


In my last post I spoke of the 28mm British Napoleonics I have painted and it is now about time I'd show them to you. The regimental colour I chose is buff, since quite a lot of yellow and blue faced figures are to be found on the web already.

These chaps have proven to me that I do not like painting 28mm regiments. The 28mm figures are nice when you can concentrate on one particular figure and can go all the way in choosing your own colour scheme. I have been doing this with my Victorian figures but that's not possible with uniformed ones.

Well anyway I am quite happy with the results, but also happy I have finished them. They look better in the showcase than on the to-do pile.

Cheers Sander

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Hawaii shirt anyone?


A few posts ago I have mentioned that I have finished some small projects last week and here's the first of them. It's a West End Games Star Wars Alien. I have forgotten what race or name he has, but painted him up blue. This one has been waiting on the to do pile for quite some time because I couldn't decide on the colour scheme to use. In the end I chose a sort of Hawaii shirt kinda look. And truth be told: I like it.

Now this isn't really a lot of an update picture wise, but I have some more news. Amongst the other finished projects is a unit of 6 A-wings which I have done up but not photographed I will do this when I have finished all my Star Wars snub fighters.The second unit finished is a pair of sprues of Late Napoleonic Brits. They were part of the Crisis 2014 goodie-bag and now finally painted up.  Last up are two pack-camels and their herders. These are 20mm Early War Miniatures also bought at the last Crisis. I am making headway through the pile nicely.

Let's see what's up next.

Cheers Sander