Friday 3 August 2012



In the ongoing quest for a 7YW Austrian army we see the next episode of the field artillery. 3 more stands of guns are finished. The guns themselves were, again, left separate from the bases in order to be used together with limbers. I used 2 HäT Napoleonic Austrian guns for the heavier pieces.

Without further ado:

some close ups:

Cheers Sander

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Tuesday 31 July 2012

The Flurry


Do not fear, dear friends, I have NOT started to work for a famous fast food restaurant! The Flurry, is apparently the name of a Rebel Alliance fighter carrier. I am not entirely sure I like all this "extended universe" stuff but in order to play a Rebel Alliance Fleet I need to get enough different ship types so there you have it. Now the Flurry, which is it's call-sign, not its class tag, used to be a Sorosuub Cargo freighter, converted to a carrier.The model is from Odyssey Slipways and there are two resin ships in one blister, therefore I painted one up as Rebel carrier (the grey one) and one as civilian freighter ( the brown one).

A ship which cannot be found lacking from any Star Wars collection is of course Han's old tub The Millennium Falcon. This little model is a Studio Bergstrom model and really, really well detailed. I went for a more white then grey paint-scheme on a hunch, here's the result.


Next up is a squadron of   Lancer class frigates  these are Imperial Fleet ships, so will add some fire power to my Imperial Star Destroyers.

I still have loads of Rebel ships waiting  to be finished but am in dire need of simple hex bases to mount them on. When these arrive more news will be available.

Cheers Sander

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